Human Anatomy MCQs

Human Anatomy MCQshuman anatomy mcqs

Human Anatomy mcqs according to the course of MBBS – BDS – Nursing for free with additional embryology and histology.

ANATOMY: The word “Anatomy” is taken from Greek word (Ana-Tome) meaning “Cutting Up”. It is the branch of biological science that deals with the structure of the body parts, their forms and arrangements.

Human anatomy — study of the morphology of this human individual . It’s sub divided into gross anatomy and also microscopically . Gross Anatomy (additionally known as jelqing anatomy, regional anatomy ( or anthropotomy) may be your analysis of anatomical buildings which is understood by unaided eyesight. Microscopic anatomy may be the analysis of minute anatomical arrangements aided by microscopes, also includes histology (the research of their company of cells ), also cytology (the research of cells).

The Anatomy is further divided into :
Gross Anatomy
Microscopic Anatomy
Developing Anatomy (Embryology)

Gross Anatomy is further divided into
Regional : Study by regions
Systemic : Study of the body Systems
Surface: Study of skin and body Surface

Microscopic Anatomy is further divided into
Cytology: The study of cells and their organelles
Histology: Study of the Tissues

MCQ’s Of 1st Year and 2nd year download below:

1st Year Anatomy MCQ’s Download

2nd Year Anatomy MCQ’s Download

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